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Dispute Resolution

First of its kind independent external dispute resolution body dedicated specifically to Forex that ensures that traders are getting their disputes resolved in a quick, efficient, unbiased and authentic manner.

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We unite more than 40 trusted and verified brokers, exchanges and technology providers who are committed to upholding the highest standards of commercial honor and best business practices in their operations.

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Compensation Fund

Our Compensation Fund gives traders added peace of mind and security when using our free service by ensuring they are protected up to €20,000 per complaint against their broker member.

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Financial Services SuperintendencyHome

26 years of working experience

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Financial Services SuperIntendency:

Financial Services SuperIntendency ("FSSI") is a statutory body established under the Internacional Financial Services Comission Act to regulate and supervise the international financial services sector. The FSSI comes under the portfolio responsibility of the Minister of Finance. The Minister has the power to appoint the chairperson from amongst ani of the public sector members of the Comission. The Director General of the Commission with the approval of the Minister, The Director General is also the Registrar of the following Resgistries:

  • Companies and Corporate Affairs Registry.
  • International Corporate Affairs Registry.
  • International Trusts Registry.
  • International Foundations Registry.
  • International Limited Liability Companies Registry.
  • Protect Cell Companies Registry.


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All Loans Services

We work hand in hand with the main local and international financial supervision companies...

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We have more than 28 physical offices in different parts of the world, we are a 26-year-old company.

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We offer our clients the security of being able to manipulate their company and offer services to an American, Asian and European sector: We have the best law firm in…

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